Catching Up...again

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Looked at the calendar and its already mid August, WTH! Okay so I've been busy lol. Was busy playing with me camera and made numerous incursions into the Palouse, under the cover of darkness. When the wind blows across the top of Steptoe Butte it seems to call my name and Bluberry automatically rolls out of the stable ready to go. Since the weather has been so gawd awful hot I've cut back on the daytime shooting then July came and was still hot wow.

Then I realized my yard looks like crap and Brendan is coming home on leave the first week of August.


So this is where I last blogged and as you can see I'm chasing rainbows again. Thought to sit down and make a serious attempt at finishing an entry would be sweet, wish me luck.


August came and Brendan and Hilary did come home on leave. They arrived here the first day of August, from Denver after spending time with Hils fam. Their flight to Denver was a whole other ordeal but nuff said as they were back in the US now. Tried not to overwhelm  them with shit to do so Friday was a low key bbq at 514W with family. cold beer, and spirits. With uncle Tim up from Cali and cousin James over from the wetside it was inevitable that a trip to the PI was to follow. Moi gracefully declined. Saturday was a new top for the Jeep and a bath. Then Bren and Hils disappeared up the street top down. Sunday brunch was at gma's with a photo session. Then dinner at the mom's house and swimming pool and all. But the best part was Hilary's birthday celebration including carrot cake and silicone attachments.... for her new Kitchen Aid Mixer, lol!


Monday found us on the way to Silverwood for some fun in the sun. Hit a few rides, the kidz more than I, then off to the water park. Got tubes and hit the lazy river for a cool down. Since I was already soaked from the jungle ride I packed me license and card and after twice around found the floating bar, actually you float not the bar ;) It was on one of the rounds that the Go Pro from the deep popped up in me tube and who was DP'ing that cam? My old friend Jonathan there with his fam. Monday night Bren's friend from OZ flew in and crashed on the couch. Lauren and Brian hosted a gathering. Tuesday and Wednesday was spent with Karen. Then back to 514W for a last stay. Had the kidz at SIA bout 4:45 AM on Friday for their flight back to Tokyo.


Well after that whirlwind visit the weather stay on the warm side. Some activities for the photo club picked up along with a new project out of the studio. Had the IOPC picnic which disappointed by attendance standards. Then the same day was St Augustines 100 year anniversary picnic with beer garden. It was a large success with several parishioners bringing their classic cars for a show. 


In the meantime had a few thunder storm mornings that provided some great macro opportunities in the rose garden. Then a late night trip to the Butte for an attempt at the Milky Way. With fellow togs and 'Old Guys', Dennis and John we pointed Bluberry down 195 arriving at the entrance road around midnight on the evening of the new moon. Conditions were near perfect and we spotted the MW right away. In the sky behind us was the Big Dipper and the night sky was full of planets and constellations. After setting up we found a John Deere trembling in its dualies trying to hide behind the tall weeds in the drainage ditch. So the stage was set for a night of foto fun. We shot landscape, we shot portrait, we got it each others shot and we played with light. It was all fun and games until we heard them..... yeah them. John mentioned wolves and they seranade'd us with the howels of their  hunger song. Then some creepy crawlers in the vicinity that managed to dodge our search lights. Anyway we painted the John Deere and we painted John and had a large time just shooting as the coyotes sang to us. We got back to 514W bout 4:30 AM from there going on our merry way to process the night catch.


So seems like summer is wanning its way out as we wait for the next new moon and another attempt at the Milky Way. Its Labor Day weekend and the weather is mixed staying in to work on the project. Have the first filming scheduled for the week of the 8th. Club starts this week and the images have been uploaded and I finally made to the pot store, lol, first legal buy is now complete. So at last things seem to be current in the realm where 'Old Guys Rule'.

My best and may the 1/4th be with you!


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