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Created 7-Jul-10

Jeremy takes us flying on an azur blue sky July 4th morning. Surrounded by two behmoth legends from WWII he taxi's the Diamond Star XL, November 457 Hotel Romeo out of Belgrade heading south thru the Gallatin.

Passing over Ennis and the lake we flew south with the ridges of the Beaverhead Nat'l Forest to the east, just hiding Big Sky. Then over Henry's Lake and towards Island Park. Putting us on vector for Driggs ID and lunch.

We softly touched down and at Teton Aviation we found the Warbird Cafe. The best sweet potato fries in two states. Just escaping a squall we lifted off heading north.

Past St Anthony's over the sand dunes NW to the Lima Resevoir. Thru Clark Canyon on the way past Dillion. Slight rudder right ? and we're zipping past Whitehall, having been some where around 12,500' above MSL.

We followed the 90 over Three Forks losing altitude as Manhattan disappeared behind us. At three miles out Air Soby received final clearance and dropped onto runway 12 at Gallatin Field. A short taxi back to Summit Aviation ended our Fouth of July adventure. Thanks to Jeremy and Air Soby!
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