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An immensely rewarding adventure to the nation of Japan provided many gifts including time with Bren, photo ops everywhere ya look and the opportunity to revisit an amazing culture, and capture a small slice of the people who made this an incredible experience.

So reset the old western mentality to a society on the move. Mass transits move millions of people every day, everywhere. Thus my first  interaction with society upon meeting with Bren and Hils, a 3 hr train trip to Yokosuka. The ticket agent could tell we were not sure and got us squared away on the Narita Express. Nice ride to Yokohama then to the JR line and the masses. Rush fest, stand up and hang on, the temp goes up 20 in sardine mode. Anyway learned names like Horinuchi, Maborikaigon, Uraga, chuo as we rode the rails to Brendan's house.

Lesson from today: close and touching is the norm on the train, with a smile.

The walk from the station to the house set the stage for city streets, narrow crowded, especially after train drop. Well lit and well traveled. So the typical Japanese house awaited us. The sliding rice paper walls, the tatami mats, cold water closets, heated toilets seats with other options and low door ways. Room heaters/ac are the norm as is removing shoes. Insulation, not so much but very functional. Welcome to economy of space, an ever present state of mind and evident where ever you look, its part of the aura.

A rental car to Mt Fuji provided a glimpse of the highway system. First reality, cars older than 10 yrs are almost impossible to license. Thus very low age fleet. Fuel $5-6 per gal. Everyone pays a yearly fee based on engine size then all the outer roads are toll roads. Our 120 mile round trip to Fuji would have costs well over $150.00 in tolls. The car came with vouchers thanks god! Now what I haven't mentioned that to own a car you have to own a parking place that is inspected and approved for your car. So not easy but cars everywhere. The roads are efficient, in great condition and crowded. So Fuji was socked in but the drive up during the day and back at night was revealing as to the population centers, around every corner lol! Fortunately Brendan's house comes with parking spot til we can return the car.

Lesson from trip: they love their cars and trucks but pay dearly for them.

The next matriculation was train spotting. Tried to learn the ways and got a little there but Bren and Hils had it down. So the intro trip was to Tokyo for shopping. This entailed two JR lines and another to Tokyo. Again going through stages of the crush but a great view of the hoods and high rises. 10 and twelve story apartment buildings with laundry on every balcony. Economy of space. Tokyo-Yokohama 35+ million souls. As said close on the trains but so polite and respectfully to everyone. Another part of the aura.

Walking from the station to the shopping was again everywhere. We knew not where our destination was but headed that way fearlessly. After half mile and a few stores we asked two lads on the street if they spoke English and one answered, yes. They were from China and camera shopping also using Google Maps to lead them to Yodobashi's. We followed and chatted right to the camera department and took care of some business. The associate no English the cashier enough English. So the international flavor shows its colors on the streets of Tokyo.

Back to meet Hils in Shibuya, at the busiest ped crossing on the marble according to some. Today was a moderate volume day. People crossing every which way. Mashed thru the crowd for a couple of shots and since our shopping was complete we headed for Yokohama and some dinner. The Rio Grand Grill was pretty upscale with a great buffet concept. All you can eat for 2 hours. There is so much food, carved fresh at you table, the salad bar, the deserts and beverages. The services industry is here to serve and please its customers and that they do in spades. Its strange how tips are not expected as doing your job and giving 100% is included in the price of the meal or cab ride.

Lesson today: the more people the more respect given and received.

A trip to Kamakura puts you deep in the spiritual diocese of many beliefs and denominations. From Shinto to Buddist the areas many shrines and temples offer pilgramages  for thousands. captured the gamut from washing to clapping and bell ringing and singing. Most homages accorded to deceased family members. Enough to see here to require a second visit. This time laying eyes on the great Buddha Diahatsu and the Temple at Hasedera.

Returning to the Buddha triggered 3 events from the aura. First a group of school children interviewed us. Polite and respectful they were. Children wear uniforms to all schools, go 6 days a week and event participation is required. And since the families often share very compact quarters the behavior ownership from the parents is working well. Educated and tech heavy users the youth are a  very important part of the aura. Next we lay witness of a group of Korean Buddist priests worshiping at the statue. Again surrounded by the spiritual aura exhibited by all comers to the many places to pray in this area. Third was a chance meeting with a local over a croakie on Bren's sunglasses. This evolved into a lengthy conversation.

Lessons from today: Spirituality is another pillar in the aura. The people are genuine, polite and sincere.

More train spotting this time on the Shinkansen, the bullet trains. Reserved seats only each train of 16 cars can move 1300 souls upto 180 mph on a 4 minute interval. More room than an aircraft, no seat belt signs, beverage carts available and average speed too fast to capture images without rolling shutter. Destinations Kyoto and Osaka. The conductor upon stamping each ticket and leaving the car, turns and bows to the passengers.


Arriving in a new city its check-in then off to see the wizard.  The Tower, the Torii Gates, the Handicraft Market after the Bamboo Forest, then the castle day and night with shopping and dinning required. Saw whale shark and sting ray and what was once the largest ferris wheel. And yet again all come with sardine mode enabled. Just the train trip was worth the $120 it cost us each way.

Lessons from trip: transportation kicks ass and delivers. The people again are the collective aura no matter how large or small the crowds.

Back in the House of Hoy it was all coming together. Westerners would not be able to survive here without much adaptive therapy. Millions of folks live in very close proximity and yet the crime rate is one of the lowest on the globe. They get along and get on with life, leisure and their pursuit of happiness with a smile on their face. Feeling very fortunate to have witnessed and captured a small bit of the aura of Japan.






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4 wheel drive when f4 is too slow LMAO, holy shit it must be an early retirement crisis. In me most recent post  I journaled about me and Bluberry cruisin with the M and makin resolutions for this and that and bla bla bla. Return to LMAO, in just a matter of weeks Blu was gracefully retired and and CheriKee was welcomed to the House of Hoy! But that's not all folks, the M thing was more a mirrorless thing as like Blu the M has been relieved of duty by the Fujifilm X-T1 mirrorless. So either the circle is complete or it has just begun? That's the great thing about circles.

A new ride and new kit and just days away from a visit to Japan followed by a visit to the capital, if that's a early retirement crisis count me in.

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Looking back, no problems..... ...its remembering the details that presents the problem.Here am I again catchin up and wondering what has happened since September is a stretch but here goes again,  lol. If I 'member correct did another MilkyWay session with mixed results . We thouhgt the windmills would provide a more dramatic foreground than we got. The best one was Mike's Tree shot. But we have plans for next seasons attempts. A motorized slider has been added for some motion timelapse work next spring.

Packed Bluberry and grabbed friend John for a photoroll to the Oregon Coast. Chased sunsets for 5 days and managed only one. But we had a large time running the coast from Newport to Astoria. The gallery is here. This takes us to October and the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk. With help from friend Cindy in St John we took a group of 22 togs around the county for some great foto ops. Check it out here.

November came quietly and mild but not much inspiration. Then while FBi'ing with son we orchestrated a trip to Japan. So I'm headed that way this spring. But the trip caused me to rethink the camera bag and I decided to take the mirrorless kit on this journey. But all I had was the EOS M and the 22 f2, which is crazy good, but I wanted a skosh of focal range so I picked up the Tamron 18-200. Not the fastest but great stabilization. I've since added an 11-22 IS and a Sirui travel tripod and all is well.

Cooper's first BD was on Turkey Day so we celebrated late and I used the M for documenting that and the feast. Got thinking about Japan and the M and I thinks, I do, maybe I should start shooting the M so I know it well, hmmm. Anyway Christmas came and I M'd it. Then four of us togs rented the 800 f5.6 Canon L and went looking for eagles. An interesting four days and yes I hooked it up to the M, but I used the 5D3 for the birds, lol!

But  ponder I did the challenge of shooting only the M for all of 2015!!! Since me first large shoot will probably be in Japan I've got lots of time to practice. Waffle, waffle, then the Spokane Camera Club arranged a shoot at the Bing Crosby Theatre and I signed the M up to tackle the afternoon. I'm pleased with the images produced here. More procrastination on my end. Started wondering around the neighborhood during the foggy weather we've been having and again the M is providing great images.

So here we are its SuperBowl Sunday, February 1, just yesterday did a foto challenge with some togs from IOPC at Riverfront Park. It was a 24 shot max prop swap shoot with an hour time limit. I provided a hockey puck and drew a gargoyle. Haven't seen the images yet but again took the mirrorless kit. This pushed my button and. I know a month late, but I'm shooting the M kit this year as a personal challenge! So wish me luck and GO HAWKS!!!!!

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Catching Up...again Looked at the calendar and its already mid August, WTH! Okay so I've been busy lol. Was busy playing with me camera and made numerous incursions into the Palouse, under the cover of darkness. When the wind blows across the top of Steptoe Butte it seems to call my name and Bluberry automatically rolls out of the stable ready to go. Since the weather has been so gawd awful hot I've cut back on the daytime shooting then July came and was still hot wow.

Then I realized my yard looks like crap and Brendan is coming home on leave the first week of August.


So this is where I last blogged and as you can see I'm chasing rainbows again. Thought to sit down and make a serious attempt at finishing an entry would be sweet, wish me luck.


August came and Brendan and Hilary did come home on leave. They arrived here the first day of August, from Denver after spending time with Hils fam. Their flight to Denver was a whole other ordeal but nuff said as they were back in the US now. Tried not to overwhelm  them with shit to do so Friday was a low key bbq at 514W with family. cold beer, and spirits. With uncle Tim up from Cali and cousin James over from the wetside it was inevitable that a trip to the PI was to follow. Moi gracefully declined. Saturday was a new top for the Jeep and a bath. Then Bren and Hils disappeared up the street top down. Sunday brunch was at gma's with a photo session. Then dinner at the mom's house and swimming pool and all. But the best part was Hilary's birthday celebration including carrot cake and silicone attachments.... for her new Kitchen Aid Mixer, lol!


Monday found us on the way to Silverwood for some fun in the sun. Hit a few rides, the kidz more than I, then off to the water park. Got tubes and hit the lazy river for a cool down. Since I was already soaked from the jungle ride I packed me license and card and after twice around found the floating bar, actually you float not the bar ;) It was on one of the rounds that the Go Pro from the deep popped up in me tube and who was DP'ing that cam? My old friend Jonathan there with his fam. Monday night Bren's friend from OZ flew in and crashed on the couch. Lauren and Brian hosted a gathering. Tuesday and Wednesday was spent with Karen. Then back to 514W for a last stay. Had the kidz at SIA bout 4:45 AM on Friday for their flight back to Tokyo.


Well after that whirlwind visit the weather stay on the warm side. Some activities for the photo club picked up along with a new project out of the studio. Had the IOPC picnic which disappointed by attendance standards. Then the same day was St Augustines 100 year anniversary picnic with beer garden. It was a large success with several parishioners bringing their classic cars for a show. 


In the meantime had a few thunder storm mornings that provided some great macro opportunities in the rose garden. Then a late night trip to the Butte for an attempt at the Milky Way. With fellow togs and 'Old Guys', Dennis and John we pointed Bluberry down 195 arriving at the entrance road around midnight on the evening of the new moon. Conditions were near perfect and we spotted the MW right away. In the sky behind us was the Big Dipper and the night sky was full of planets and constellations. After setting up we found a John Deere trembling in its dualies trying to hide behind the tall weeds in the drainage ditch. So the stage was set for a night of foto fun. We shot landscape, we shot portrait, we got it each others shot and we played with light. It was all fun and games until we heard them..... yeah them. John mentioned wolves and they seranade'd us with the howels of their  hunger song. Then some creepy crawlers in the vicinity that managed to dodge our search lights. Anyway we painted the John Deere and we painted John and had a large time just shooting as the coyotes sang to us. We got back to 514W bout 4:30 AM from there going on our merry way to process the night catch.


So seems like summer is wanning its way out as we wait for the next new moon and another attempt at the Milky Way. Its Labor Day weekend and the weather is mixed staying in to work on the project. Have the first filming scheduled for the week of the 8th. Club starts this week and the images have been uploaded and I finally made to the pot store, lol, first legal buy is now complete. So at last things seem to be current in the realm where 'Old Guys Rule'.

My best and may the 1/4th be with you!

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Tripod Therapy Having just returned from a workshop in the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side, I posted a few images on FB with the caption "from my tripod therapy trip...". One of me friends loved the tripod therapy comment giving me the impetus for this post. I did not coin the phrase Tripod Therapy, I saw it somewhere on the inter-web.


I've been doing photographic workshops since 2003 when I was armed with a 5 mp Minolta D7i. That first one took place on the Olympic peninsula centered around Olympic National Park. The Minolta was an oddity as it was the only digital camera attending and its owner was a noob at this type of event. Needless to say the lads at Natureworkshops were kind and very instructional and my creativity took a major leap forward. Since I've taken 5 other workshops from different leaders. Kinda hooked on the workshop scene.


Surfing the workshop scene you'll find every type of content specific theme and a world of locations in which to have your experience. This is what draws my attention, that and the galleries posted by the attendees. This says worlds about the leaders knowledge of the locations and how best to shoot in them. This last workshop was awesome for several reasons. The location being near the top of the list. It was small, four participants and it offered critiques everyday, and all togs contributed. The participants can vary from 4-8 or occasionally 12.


Don't expect it to be a vacation. Two mornings we rose at 4:15 for sunrise locations. Hit one and the other was a bust, shift happens. One morning we slept in til 6:30. Then there is the morning we're on the trail at 5:50 and it starts out with a half mile up hill schlog, on one cup of hotel coffee, lol. Therapy always expects a wee bit more from ya! But then you step into that moment and hear the falls roaring, see the leafs rustling from the invisible current that is generated by the force of the falls, and you know this is your happy place. Break out the tripod, camera, shoot and absorb. And when you've finished your image making for this spot, the hike out awaits you and its on to the next location. Then back to base for some processing and critique's and maybe a nap, haha.


The therapy then continues upon returning to the keep. After 3 1/2 days of shooting 2147 images make it into their own Lightroom Catalog and the fun begins. Rating, rejecting, correcting, separating, and processing. You end up with a whole new gallery on the website and the dilema of which ones to print.


This holistic approach to tripod therapy is what makes it something to which I look forward. It just gets everything flowing and synched up again. There are many good workshops out there to help with your therapy session. If you've never attend one I highly recommend them. Start locally and see what ya think. When I get my f-stop and iso confused and live view can't show a clear image its time for some tripod therapy! And this recent one courtesy of Rod Barbee Workshops was just what the Professor ordered. The Gallery from this therapy session.

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WOW What's happening? I know its only been four months this time, see getting better here, lol. Not sure the memory will go back to September, hell I just realized the non chronicling of the Silverton photo weekend with Canon and George Lepp. That was in July, btw. So i'm gonna roll with how they pop into the old noggin. Seahawks and Super Bowl, Christmas, Turkey day, Cooper Lee arrives, wrapped up a doco, marked 12 months of freedom and a few other things escaping me now. So that was yesterday and yesterday's gone...

Here we are starring at March and I've not made an entry and yet life has gone on. To another attempt at catching up and already my ADD is setting in. I can feel meself being pulled another direction by the force. For some reason I've been in 'the going thru old photos' mode and have been pouring thru the archives. One to submit for the clubs subject of the month and mostly to reprocess images from many years ago. Turning into a real stroll, from my first dabblings in digital to the present.

The Old Guys continue to skulk around the planet trying to avoid the winter weather. Last heard from our hero's, they were saving lives and adverting disasters in all corners of the globe. I didn't get an invite to that one, lol.

Decided to pick it up from here and show you some real ADD, lol. Its now early May and lets see... LOL recently returned from an Oregon Coast photo roll. Covered Newport to Cannon Beach in 4 days. Had Easter brunch with the fam and grandkids. Lucas had a ball collecting eggs and trinkets. Shot an event at the C'da Golf course event center that included a lunch cruise around the north end of the lake. Shot a few of friend Tommy G at the Earth Day Spokane 2014 gathering. And managed a evening photo stroll around the falls and River Front Park.

So like the title says WOW, I'm sure I missed stuff but c'est la vie! tata for now ;-)

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I'm back! Yeah, Yeah I know MIA again. Can you believe it, second day of Fall. Funny how shit happens in the cosmos. Since my prior post, lol, shot 3 Hot Rod events including one video for the "Save the Auto Vue" fund raiser, a senior session with two of the most light hearted, loving the camera young ladies I've ever seen, and a bunch of doco footage for another project, whew!

So haven't been around much to open the studio. The gang gathered at Priest Lake for a 'old guys & gal' weekend at Chris n Lar's cabin, haha. Great fun every night, drank too much, stayed up too late and ate like the swells. Enjoyed a visit with an old friend and former classmate with a residence across the lake and made a new friend, the neighbor.

Turns out the neighbor has a band in Zacititos and they be playing Pig Out in the Park. Can you say photo op! Hell ya so went down with me stage pass and a buddy and captured the Lost Dogs performance. Still working on the video, but the stills are HERE. Another of life's moments captured and chronicling the reason 'Old Guys Rule'.

So enough for now? TS that's all there is. Down to the studio to work on a creative project this week. What it is is still hatching, lol. So for now its tata ~


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Catching Up Holy Sh*t Batman been offline since March, lol. Can only say retired and adapting haha. Just returned from a weekend at PL with the gang at Lar n Chris's place. Great time was had by the brethern of 67. Prior to that a senior class shoot went very well. But that still leaves a huge tear in the continuum. So I'll release the draft of my last will and testa...., lol, the last post I penned....

Whew, we're finally home after what seems like an eternity but what a road trip. After Ben T's shoot we pointed Bluberry south but had to stop in Gray Gooseville to catch a little hoop action on their satellite. Low and behold who was running the town - Peggy, the credit card support guru. "Oh you naughty boy you missed your payment", lol. Well after the Zags lackluster performance against W State we started drowning our sorrows over at the Broken Wing Saloon and Sunday School. Came time to settle up and guess what?? That's right the old Capital One turned out to be a real goat, so we called Peggy to clear things up. Next thing ya know there's a boot on the old VW bus. Peggy sent out the GKB lads to encourage us to settle up but we hid under a pew at the Sunday School - yeah that really worked ha ha. They dropped that kneeler right on my trigger hand and I gave up.

Now that were back south of the 48th things have settle down and are somewhat back to normal. But we're thinking about going off the grid for awhile while we complete the de-compression process. However Bluberry keeps honking at me like she want to go on another road trip. So stay tuned I've got a feeling were going to be turning some tires shortly! ttfn

ps Ben T got escorted of the premise at Augusta after he tried posing as Fred Couples caddy.

So all this transpired during March Madness but then along came April and a trip south to the Redwoods marked the day, actually week or so fulfilling the premonition previously expressed. Then along came May and another trip with LJ this time to Eugene to help Lacey capture the RAD Run. Hey I'm worn out remembering all this so time for a break more to follow, lol!~

Back Thurs 8/22 with more info. After Eugene it was a quick shoot for the Seattle Business mag before hitting the road to Oregon again. This time a Canon workshop in Silverton with a few folks from Canon

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Old Guys Yep, yep been laying low since that other guy discovered we were bloisting (blog heisting), lol. But its time to pack up the old VW bus and head below the 48th. What with the Zags playing today in SLC, and the up coming Masters the old guys are coming out like the secada's. We were just gettin our Zag on when Ben t Irons came by. He's trying really hard to find a slot at Augusta, especially after getting denied permission to play in the LPGA. Shut the door Margaret what's golf gotten too?


Anyway Ben asked for a couple of shots he could troll out to Golf Digest and Greens Keepers & Expletives. Hoping just hoping someone will see them and pay his bribe entry fee and travel expenses to Georgia. So we followed Ben t on the tour to places like the Kona South Point Black Sands Resort and Dolphin sanctuary. Then across the other pond to St Andrews. Here's where it became apparent why Mr Irons wasn't going to the Masters. Should call him wrong way, he kept hitting into the Forth of Firth, not the 4th on the old course, ha ha ha. Ben says Old Guys Drool over....that hole in one out of the bunker on 11! And Michelle Wie's mom :(. Whoa Ben maybe you should take some time off and get a grip.

Anyway the Zags skaweeekkked one out against a tenacious Southern team. It was a game til the final buzzer, GO ZAGS!


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What Happened? Looks like there has been some guest blogger-hijacking going on. Some Old Guy seems to have cracked the security maze and blasted out a few guest blogs. Well shift happens, lol. Been busy around the kingdom, what with the Pearl in the locker and the latest disturbance in the force and such. We've had a visit from LP with mom and dad in tow. Down to the park for some big toy, big fun photos. Always fun when the kids visit grandpa.

Then some long overdue maintenance on me beloved Blue Spruce. She's been rubbing on the siding and hanging way low over the neighbors yard. So we had the expert come by and trim, trim, trim away the offending arms of green.

Then the highlight of the month was the celebration of year two for grandson number 2. We had a great little party for LP, attended by the cousins, uncle's, aunties and grand parents.


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Old Guys Drool Our good friend and businessman Kuthbert Kontractor really wanted to stop by for a visit but his crazy schedule and chasing pirates all over the hemisphere necessitated a road tripping session to catch up with KK. He's busy building tunnels in first world countries, surveying waterfalls in paradice and fixing buildings after the Friday night cruising crowd left one out of kilter in Spokaloo! So ya, we took the studio on the road. Thank God for pelican cases. Loaded the shop into 14 pelican laptop case's, boarded KK's helo and set off on an adventure.

KK doing what he does!



Kuth says Old Guys Drool over... just about anything that pops into his scope. KK really likes surveying in paradice. Says the view on the beach really gets the slobber going, He has a terrible time getting over his point for the shot. When we found him, some young gals mom had grabbed his rod (LOL)  and was chasing him around the beach. Guess he got caught gawking!! Praise be shared that she didn't kick over the old K&E. Kuth couldn't survey with out the old Paragon. He lost so much money on the last two jobs the company had to sell all the digital stuff to pay the attorney's. As you can see sometimes the old ways are the best if you're an.......

..OLD Guy.

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Old Guys Drool, over... As luck would have it a little snow menace brings in the cold and weary. Not quite sure how old Dee Dubya got here so fast, from Daytona or even why he's here, in Poler Bare Downs, but there he was, drooling at the dark room door, so we let him in. Warmed him to about 57k with a cup o joe then let a couple of 430's finish it up. Pretty soon DD was idling like the old Pyston Kup champ that he is,, er was. Anyway DD says he still drools over... rubbing fenders with Danica Patrick. When ya start in the eighty third row he says it takes a long time to work the old Rambler up on that track.

Dee Dubya 22253351_lores Dee Dubya

We took some shots thinking he had some hardware out in the trunk. Truth be told DD says there weren't no trunk left after the accident. Guess Danica was pulling up to lap old #549 when he saw her in the rear view mirror and got sooo excited....
...he wrecked. All by himself, yep hit that wall bass ackwards and ripped the trunk and fuel cell clean off the unibody. Well pretty embarassing don't ya think. That's why Dee Dubya hi-tailed it up north. So please be aware D Dub is in the area, watch out if you're snowshoeing or riding your sled, his fenders are still bent!

ps Rethunk the wearin o the caps from previous post and nah, that's out. Still NO Maple Leafs regalya, lol!

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) blog drool old guys poler bare downs Mon, 25 Feb 2013 21:27:16 GMT
Old Guys Drool Welcome to the inaugural post of the "Old Guys Drool" over.... We are on the web coming from Poler Bare Downs on this very cold February day. Now that retirement has been envoked and just when I start playing around down in the studio, wouldnd'a know it an old guy shows up, and right when I need talent to test me lights! So I thought WTH might as well start a semi irregular blog post on the state of Old Guys who, show at the studio. Be forewarned you will be required to wear the red, plaid and green caps. Hockey sweaters are from your collection and always optional, except for Maple Leaf wear, lol!

Colorado Slim Colorado Slim Colorado Slim

As you can see the first Old Guy turned out to be our old amigo Colorado Slim. Bless this ole cat still trying to make a career in music work! So we obliged him with some head shots fit for the new album he's been composing since '79. Had a great visit with Slim who says Old Guys Drool over... Carrie Underwood. Slim chased her all over north Idaho trying to convince her he should be one of the opening acts, ha ha ha. Poor guy was drooling all over when he got here. But after a few snaps of the silent shutter Slim calmed down and started a ballad. Ouuu, I see why he's not opening tonite. Stay tuned in the coming whenever as we update with posts about everyday life in Poler Bare Downs and some of the old guys who drool around here in the winter.

 ~ ta ta for now!

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We Are the Champions  

Yes there is a new Pigskin King, the freshly crowned Ravens took it all in capturing another Lombardi. Nuff o dat chit, lol. Sitting here listening to the Righteous Brothers triggered the urge to update the old blog. Easier to go backwards in time and see what pops up from the cortical islands along the way. PPW meeting at On the Edge yesterday morning shed some light on the new direction of this Thursdays function. The gang got together down at Bill's for a fabulous spaghetti dinner. The well attended affair had all the trimmings, homemade garlic bread, salad, and a to die for chocolate cake along with several varietals of the red influence. Then for dessert we literally shared a jug of 12 year old single malt Irish whiskey--very smooth. Anyway great function, thanks Bill and Kathy.






Several casual photo ops in the way of my friend Tommy G playing a First Friday gig at the Franklin Bldg. An hour of Tommy's favorites.










Then a trip to the Macarthy for the Lady Zags vs Loyola Marymount. An impressive performance from the ladies in another WCC victory. Thanks to the Mayor for that one.













Aside from this, been laying low and planing activities thru June already. Slowly getting into the groove and oh yea I need another jug of that single malt, thanks Leonard it was well received and drunk with respect! So who knows its April like in February, I'm sure winter isn't over but lets hope cuz I've got more than my quota of B&W's from all the gray sky, lol.


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Happy 2013 Lets see since the Apple Cup entry life has been full. I've been off work since November 16th and officially retired since the first of December. In fact I've already collected my first pension cheque, lol. So had a small celebratory gathering at Jack n Dan's on Dec 6. Orchestrated by my good friend Mike P and attended by me two daughters and one son inlaw. Visited with some great long time friends like Bonnie and Pal and several retirees with smiles on their faces. Thanks to the many co-workers who commiserated with me. And my good buds and fellow fotogs Jonathan and Curry for sharing the celebration.

Been enjoying the time to accomplish a much needed spring cleaning in the basement. Also finding time to rework some very old images with the new versions of Lightroom and Photoshop. Fairly decent results so far, however there are some files that just suffer from bad technique and inferior kit and don't return any increase in quality. I get carried away and spend all day on the machine, :(. Its caused me to do some remodeling on the old page , which was long overdue.

Put up the tree this year and added some lights to the house's interior. The Mayor has taken me to several GU mens and womens games. Great photo ops at all games so far. Christmas brunch at grandma's as usual and more great photo ops. And made a run to Higgins Pt to check on our eagles. They teased and eased with fake fishing runs then would land in a tree. So on the way back to the car they decided to play and fish way the hell out there. But one didn't disappoint and I got a  small sequence.

Slowly acclaimating to the new status but it does take some getting used to. Everyday can be any day you want it to be Saturday, Wednesday - doesn't make any difference. So for now I wish all a Happy, Productive and Exciting New Year. tata for now




[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) 2013 christmas eagles gu Sat, 05 Jan 2013 19:29:07 GMT
Apple Cup 2012 Twas an afternoon just made for football. It was also the perfect day for an Apple Cup. Late November Friday, a gray overcast, the presence of a chilling wind sweeping in from the rolling hills, the threat of rain or snow, temps hovering around 35 ish and 30,000 rabid Cougar fans. After breakfast at the Harvester The Mayor and I headed off on the back road thru Waverly. The fields were wet and muddy not a day fit for working the land. We skirted the traffic jungle, parked and were at Trailer Trash Ave by 11:30 and found it was a good day for football. Jerry had a tank full of Apple Cup Ale that was tasty, easy on the palette and a great starter for the game.

Arrived at our seats in Sect 3 and put the 100-400 on the Mk3. It did a very respectable job considering how krap the light was. The Cougs marched right down the field a put 3 on the board. Then we were hit by fumblitis and coughed up 3 in a row, which the Huskies advantage of took :) But we managed another score before half and that made it respectable. But hang on to your undies grandma cuz the second half started and stayed purple and gold into quarter 4. A bold call to go for two and bring it to a field goal succeeded and lo and behold we tied it up forcing over time. Being  a rookie fotog I'd taken the big lense off and installed the pancake, so I missed the play of the game when DL Kalafitoni Pole intercepted Price and almost ran it back to end it. But with our new possession we eventually saw the light and kicked the 3 winning a fantastically played contest. On this day the Cougs are kings of the Apple Cup!!

still working on the pics but have a set here on flickr enjoy

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Sat, 24 Nov 2012 16:03:30 GMT
A new direction! Well family, friends and followers its a new dawn. The time has come for me to take a new direction in life's wonderful journey. Having spent the last 30 years enjoying a wonderful career at WSDOT, I have turned in my paperwork and pulled the trigger on retirement beginning Dec 1. It's been an amazing ride in which I've made countless cherished friendships. Now its time to explore the planet with my camera on a full time basis. Friends have been asking what my plans are and I say I don't need any, I will move with the urge when it calls. It's kinda surrealistic to imagine my time is mine but resistance is futile and I will assimulate :). So think of me when you need to update those family photos, or have your senior's class photos pending or for any of your imagining and media needs. Slainte'


[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) 2012 november retirement Fri, 16 Nov 2012 15:34:53 GMT
Lost shooting the Oregon Coast Just returned from a week on the Oregon Coast with my good friend and fellow photog Jonathan. This is a first I think, getting the blog done before any images have been processed. In fact I haven't finished downloading yet, lol. We had probably the best weather I've ever experience on the coast in all my trips there. Aside from a couple windy nights and mornings and one socked morn that burned off into a landscape perfect blue sky day it was marvelous.

Hooked up with another long time, good friend Sheryl, a resident in seclusion of the Oregon Coast. But while we were waiting for her to arrive, Jonathan picked up a job right on the beach. A couple from Michigan wanted some family shots for their Christmas card and guess who got the job! Ya LJ. After Ms Hemmingway arrived we did a beach walk to the Casino for lunch then met at her house later for great conversation over some adult beverages. Next day after shooting our way down to Newport, we got fresh crabs and took them back to Sheryl's place for a dinner fit for a Captain. Fresh salad, homemade soup, whole wheat pasta and adult beverages, just doesn't get any better!

We shot the coast from Newport to Cannon Beach and many stops in between. Like I said still need to download more images but the last count was 1005 shots plus a bunch of video. You know when photogs play things happen. We did timelapses of setting up and tearing down camp, shot video of the surf and vehicles on the interstate coming home. I know Bluberry is crusty and crudy and needs a  bath and a facial, I mean a vacuum job. WOW and does it suck to be back at work the next day. Note to self: return on a weekend for decompression purposes.

All in all it was a fabulous trip with great friends and great cameras. Stay tuned there will be footage at 11 and a journal chronicling our adventures over the week. Yes names will be named, no protecting the innocent in this diary, LOL.  ttfn

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) 2012 bay cape city coast fall lighthouses lincoln meares newhalem newport oceanside oregon yaquina Thu, 04 Oct 2012 20:56:06 GMT
Gone Fishin Summer just keeps being awesome in the weather department. Life however continues twirling around in the never ending circle of chaos. The clan gathered over the holiday weekend with visits from the wet siders and the cally stray. There were bbq's and Pig Out was going downtown and concerts in the parks. The tambourine guy was hanging around Jr Cadlillac, sans instrument but there never the less. Those images were on hold.

As it happened that Monday the family received news that cousin Billy had suddenly passed at the Lake cabin. Wow talk about chaos, hello! Our condolences go out to Uncle Bill and family. A gallery to Billy's memory is posted.

Still working on the Pig Out images is a result of the above so hang in there and I'll get some more images up. 


[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Mon, 17 Sep 2012 14:49:45 GMT
The Evergreen School I've just returned from the Evergreen School of Professional Photography, hosted by PPW at the Fort Worden facility in Port Townsend. (Slideshow). Our sensai for the week long event was Bry Cox. All I can say is WOW. An action packed week from the first session Sunday afternoon til the close Thursday morning. It was a week of learning photoshop, lightroom, posing, portraiture, off camera lighting, studio lighting and business practices. I had my best photoshop day during the school, which for me was worth the price of admission on its own.

Bry is a skilled photographer, a versed instructor and a very accomplished businessman. The class was small in size but large in stature and the group dynamic was off the charts. We socialaized each evening after class with bbq's and walk around photo shoots, and light painting sessions This raised the camaraderie level to great heights. The sunrise shoots were so much fun and help ease the brain drain from the classroom sessions. Aside from the rock hard mattress's the venue was great and the lunches were fabulous! We contributed to  the local economy with a couple of outstanding dinners around Port Townsend.

All in all it was a well spent week, learning new skills and making new friends while getting to play with me camera on a daily basis. This school is not a bucket list item. Do it as soon as the next opportunity. Now back to reality-- damn that lawn grew while I was gone. ttfn paddy

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) 2012 ESPP Ft PPW Port Townsend Worden august workshop Fri, 17 Aug 2012 16:56:15 GMT
The Green is almost gone For the farmers this is the golden time. For us photogs the green fields are rapidly turning that harvest gold. Almost gone are those undulating, magnificent with shadows, forty shades of green goodness we've been capturing since the winter wheat poked its little head out. The spring plantings are now only weeks away from harvest and I say the winter wheat could be ready anytime. It has been a good season chronicling the Rolling Hills of our Palouse but I'm looking forward to the golden time too.

In fact with a full moon upon us Saturday, I'm going to try and capture a sunset and moon rise just to see what luna will lend to the golden fields. So I'm off Friday eve to my favorite lookout in Whitman County, Steptoe Butte. If nothing else the sunset should be spectacular. Aside from shooting the Palouse its been quiet here in the great Pacific Northwest's, Inland Empire. The weather has been drop dead gorgeous with plenty of vitamin D to absorb and nights cool enough to leave the windows open. To me family and friends in America's heartland, my condolences on the drought and heat with which you've been enduring.

Time to head back out and work on the jungle that used to be my backyard. Be well my friends.

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Thu, 02 Aug 2012 19:56:32 GMT
Reunion Weekend Another fabulous week around the Palouse resulted in a couple lucky grab images involving a crop duster and a motorcyclist. I also caught some images of equipment headed for the new Palouse Wind Farm. Big bucks being spent here. All this lead into a 3 day weekend.

Rolling into a long weekend we had a little get together Thursday with some great friends. Excellent bbq and some serious damage to a jug of Bombay Blu occurred, along with great conversation and many laffs. I grossly under estimated the bodily damage I thought I would incur and spent most of Friday on life support. This may not sound like a disaster but considering it was my 45th high school reunion that night, recovery took on a whole new meaning. My body kinda felt like the thunder boomers that persisted throughout the day. Which in fact made for a very comfortable day on the couch :)

I got to Prep Friday evening just in time to hear them calling for the class of '67's photo op. The photog had just lined everyone up when I showed, lol. To the jeers and hoots of my many classmates I was inserted into the front row next to an Italian guy, no offense Mike. After the shoot I was greeted by many familiar faces and tried to be accommodating, knowing all I wanted to do was get to the keg for a glass of liquid recovery. Had many great visits with classmates and mates from other classes. In fact ran into some folks I hadn't seen in twenty years and one classmate I had seen since graduation. All in all in was wonderful to see everyone and catch up on life. Plus this morning the life support is on hold and I may survive to be active and productive. Okay at least active. TaTa for now!

PS: Okay activity is highly overrated today and as far as productivity goes, that delusion has already come and gone. But I did manage to post a few shots from last nights gala All Class reunion.

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) 2012 class of 67 gonzaga prep july reunion spokane wash Sat, 21 Jul 2012 17:00:48 GMT
The Heat is ON The heat wave being experienced by the majority of the country finally arrived in the great Northwest. I was prepared a month ago after returning from Moab where the average high temp was 95. But several weeks of really crappy weather came and went leaving me a wimp to the heat. I've been working around the Palouse and its just as warm down there. The upside to all this is I get to pass thru some of the most spectacular scenery in America's bread basket. And yes I have me camera with me. In fact since I don't get enough of it working, on the morning of the 4th I headed out before sunrise and pointed Bluberry towards Steptoe Butte for a short photo session.

In my quest for that perfect shot I took a couple of back roads and missed sun up from the top. But the scouting for future shoots was worth it and I was on top before the shadows turned to haze. This is the day I shot my first Krop Duster. On the way out of the morning shoot I encountered Dusty Kropper working the fields near the burg of Steptoe. I watched as he soared high into the cool blue morning canvas, did a huge wing over and dropped to the earth dodging power lines, fences and barns. Lined up his approach over an emerald green field of wheat and applied whatever they spray from those yellow AG cats, following the contours of the lush green carpet. Then into a huge climb another wing over into another pass. The sound of the big rotary engine singing thru the crops. It looked more like fun than work to me and it was sure fun to capture. You can catch some of the images here on my Flickr site or in the gallery.

Anyway have seniors to shoot this weekend and next weekend will be my 45th high school reunion at Prep. Should be fun to see some former classmates. Notice I didn't say "old" classmates, lol!! My daughter and son in law brought LP down on the 4th and we strolled him down to the park for some fun on the jungle gym and a few photo's. Just love it when he lights up with his smile and then turns to the ever so serious look. Got some great shots. Well time to go change the hose so for now I say tata and be safe. ~ paddy

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Fri, 13 Jul 2012 02:42:18 GMT
The Withdrawal Two weeks has passed since Bluberry left for Moab with the four cavenger's on board. Been thru the seven hundred or so images several times, re-working in some and just processing a few that were skipped. Its really a let down after chasing the light for a week in the desert. I mean ya just want to go out and shoot. And process and shoot. Only had a few good days of weather and one of those was a shoot for work....withdrawal. Un inspiried and lacking motivation, this  morning I rose and decided to try something different. So I showered up, shaved down to my stubble white gotee again, pulled up my big boy pants, put on my Hawaiian Shirt and my Kona floppers and waited, and waited. Still no go. Just a little case of shutter block. But I know my co-cavenger Juniper Annie was experiencing some ADD, whilst trying to edit her backlog.


I guess on a positive note Bluberry's been running on the same tank that brought us if from St. Regis and the fill up is just in time to see lower prices at the pump. Also got some layout done on the website. Today just kinda waiting for the 18% gray to lift or may just have to deal with it an go shoot. Way too early to tell as the first pot is just being finished and  not sure if I need to brew two, lol! Just put me 85 on the MK3 just in case I get the urge to find a park. Still remain gray'd in. Don't forget to check out the MOAB 2012 gallery, which has link to the team's individual pages.





[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) 2012 arches bluberry canyonlands deadhorse point june moab national parks paddy hoy utah Sat, 23 Jun 2012 15:52:28 GMT
Red Rock Foto Fun We set out for Moab in a 1963 pink Cadillac convertible with a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers... Oops that was a different trip in a time far far away. Lets see, with a brick of Tri-X and a dozen canisters of Fuji Chrome...., no, sorry senior moment, that was from a decade in the past. With Bluberry loaded to the nine's, four photographers, half of them young the other half not so much set out with giga bytes of memory cards and bodies galore, pointing the PT Cruiser south with a course laid in for the Lazy Lizard Hostel, via Idaho's Craters of the Moon. Not finding the inspiration we need from the Craters we pushed into Twin Falls low on gas and tired. After a night of snoring and faux snuggles in a Motel 6, we took off under the radar and landed in Moab in time to unpack and catch a sunset shoot at Deadhorse Point.

This was the official start of our photo adventures in Red Rock country. We shot til the light went away then headed for the Moab Brewery for some fuel and rehydration. Back to the Lizard we set a 4:30 wake up call on Lacey's Iphone, put our ear plugs in, turned on the swamp cooler and caught what was essentially a nap. Promptly at five bells we cruised up to the Windows to catch old Sol rising in the desert sky. Excellent warm light washed over the rocks and arches of the park and we happily tried filling those memory cards with beautiful images from this natural treasure of a National Park. Then we did a little scouting for future shoots by way of the Delicate Arch Overlook. Even though it was only nine-ish the arch was swarming with tourists. One another day we were sandblasted by extremely huge winds. Especially on the hike out to False Kiva. Happy to report all survived and will live to shoot again in spite of some gritty feeling gear.

But we also tried to stimulate the local economy. Many trips to the local market and frequent visits to sample the local cusine left us with a 6500 K feeling about Moab, the National Parks, the State Parks, and the whole Red Rock experience. Its awful tough to top but we gave it a helluva try on the way home.

Deciding to run up through Sun Valley, Bluberry turned north and once again point towards Twin Falls, hooked a right up 93 then made a bee line for Ketchum. Following US 75 we took on the mighty Galena Summit at just a skosh over 8700'. The vistas were so spectacular even at 33° the crew de-planed to shoot some images. Its when we dropped off the summit in to the Salmon River valley that we were treated to more fantastic examples of the creators work. An absolutely stunning landscape of wide green valleys and touch the sky tall mountain ranges surrounded us all the way to Salmon. We were even prepared in case Bigfoot was running amok in the vicinity.

By this time the crew was running on adrenaline and a command decision was made to run it home in one shot. So 2446 miles later, Bluberry pulled into the old digital dark room at 3:00 AM this morning. Bringing a close to another fabulous Red Rock photo adventure. Thanks Lacey, Keith and Blake for a superb road trip.

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) 2012 arches canyonlands deadhorse point june moab national parks utah Fri, 08 Jun 2012 04:37:16 GMT
How Time Fly's Can't believe its been over a month since I last posted. Spring has been kinda tardy also but that's no excuse. Had to take some time off from the MKIII due to a little surgery that left my shooting eyes unavailable for camera work. I tried using the other side and it was awkward. After enjoying a visit from son number one I tried to get some early season yard work done and I did accomplish that task. But that too was a month ago so you can imagine what the place looks like today. Did have several family session shoots and also captured Tommy G opening  for Stair Way to Heaven and Iron Butterfly at the Grail Venue in Post Falls. In fact still in the edit room with that footage but its looking good. Big shout out to my partner in crime J Martinez Studios on the video shoot. I forgot how loud In a Gadda Da Vida is. With Memorial Day weekend upon us I'm going to make another attempt at the yard. Also preparing for a photo junket to the Red Rock country of Utah with several of my photog friends, so things are never dull around the old homestead. Hope you all have a safe holiday weekend.

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Thu, 24 May 2012 19:52:41 GMT
The Weekend Started Friday with shopping for Saturdays dinner function. Then some yard work while enjoying the sunshine. Saturday was breakfast at the Satellite with a bunch of photog friends then we did a stroll thru downtown. Somehow LJ and I got separated from the crowd so we headed to the park and the river. Its still rolling but has calmed since my last visit. We head down to the falls shooting our way down. Got some great video with the  new beast. Still getting used to the audio controls on this unit. The 7D didn't have this option. Anyway returned to the hill and began preparations for ciapinno. The gang didn't realize they were to be guinney pigs for this new recipe. Missed two calls from my son while assuring Don I had bowls large enough to hold his chips, boo! So the soup was coming together smashingly. Even tho I was having sit fits about the Bruins losing in OT I had it all ready before the crowd arrived. We had a great visit then sat down to dinner, which was fabulous. Home made pies for dessert and fresh garlic bread with plenty of vino to wash it all down. Seems as soon as the wine was gone the crowd dispersed. But that was perfect timing. Sunday turned out to be a crappy day so I watched the Red Wings lose at home just adding to the gloom. Worked on the pics from Saturday and still working on them, oh well.




[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Tue, 17 Apr 2012 19:56:30 GMT
Easter Sunday 8:30 mass was full as expected. And Father Bob helped us roll away the stone with his homily. The girls came over while grandma and I attended services and prepared a super breakfast. It was a bittersweet family gathering, as it was sons last function with this side of his family before heading out on his next adventure. Tonight he's on the plane for the Far East. So it was proper that the day was beautiful and the weather was warm We all played outside after the meal. Of course pictures were taken with the new beast. In fact we did a short portrait session of all in attendance, and to my knowledge no one's soul was snatched. The 5DM3 is turning out to be an awesome piece of technology and I have a hard time leaving home without it, lol. In the final stages of planning a trip to Red Rock country where she'll get a proper work out over several days of shooting with familiar friends in a fotographer's mecca. So for now I hope all had a great Easter and that the bunny left many trinkets for the wee ones to find. Slainte!

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Mon, 09 Apr 2012 19:33:42 GMT
Its Spring??? Woke to snow this morning, enough to cover the ground and flurry til around noon, WTH! Its April 4th Mother Nature. What did we do to deserve this? Anyway day 2 of Matt's excellent workshop went swimmingly. We had a very gracious and very photogenic couple, Alissa and Ryan, model for us. Again the weather was hit and miss and they were troopers for the entire shoot. The new beast performed like a champ. Tried the macro lense and the good old 17-40. It seems to have brought new life to me glass. Of course it could be the old eyeballs need new glass but the images look sweet in the edit room. Had a chance to visit Steptoe Butte and catch a few images. Not quite prime time there yet, but was worth a look.  A couple days of warm, dry conditions (hint, hint) and the fields should green up nicely. Easter's not far away and it could be a white one, lol. Travels.Com has some Butte images.

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Thu, 05 Apr 2012 00:00:44 GMT
A Three Day Weekend It started Friday with the dismantling of our exhibits at the Kress. Really honored to have been able to show our work there for the whole month. Sounds like there are going to be more opportunities to shoot, so always looking forward to that. Then (drum roll) then out for delivery showed up and the unboxing took place. Slipped a freshly charged Li-Ion in the new toy and 22 mp came to life right in my hands. With a silent click and two cards on board I headed down to me favorite park. Since I don't have a cat or a dog I had to shoot the ducks of the wild to test the new beast! Then came home and started reading the manual, oh, that's how you set that, lol. Today was day one of Matt Shumate's Spring Lighting workshop and it was very informative and fun. His engagement couple were really good sports and had fun putting up with the paparazzi! Day two is scheduled for tomorrow so well take the beast back downtown and play with her some more. So far I'm liking what I see and I'll have a few up on the site soon.

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Sun, 01 Apr 2012 03:01:36 GMT
March Madness Saturday we had the family get together at my place and it was a ton of fun. The fams from the west side came over and bro Tim showed up from Cally. It was a welcome home and farewell to Brendan as he is home on leave between duty station changes. And we celebrated birthdays for Lauren and Colin. The bbq duties kept me from taking too many images, which no one seemed to mind, so the visual record of our little March Madness is not as complete as it should be. And yes there are more pics of the grandson than anyone else. But grandpa got to baby sit while everyone went bowling and I snapped a few extra frames before nap time (Lucas not me). This week doesn't look to promising as the weather is more like Seattle than Spokane. Hopefully this bodes well for a fantastic summer ahead.

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Mon, 26 Mar 2012 20:00:40 GMT
Survived the Day Met all me kidz and their significant others at the Steelhead on St Paddy's day. The weather was blustery and the Zags were playing at 11:45.  As a result of these two forces we didn't make it to the parade, and the Zags put up a gallant fight but lost. Headed over to the Red Lion with son and his gal and shared a toast with a few fellow Irishmen then departed downtown. Ended up going home then walking over to the oldest daughters places for more celebration. Brendan and Colin pulled out the guitars and put on a mini concert for the family. Lucas showed up later and wanted a shot of Jack but his mother said no! And that's when I left, no Jack for me either. All in all it was a fabulous Day and enjoyed by all. I'll get the pics up soon as I can.

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Thu, 22 Mar 2012 21:37:35 GMT
Happy St Paddy's to all Well here it is the DAY and its pouring down rain again. Not fit for leprechaun nor camera and especially not our parade. Could be a good day to get your drink on and watch the Zags take on Ohio St. But I'm meeting the kids downtown and we'll do a little celebrating of our own. Saw 'Act of Valor' yesterday with me son and his lady. Action packed and highly emotional. Filmed 70% on little dslrs like the ones I shoot and looks crazy good on the big screen. Congrats to Shane Hurlbut and company on a great production. Also want to say Happy Birthday to me cousin Peggy, "slainte". Haven't been shooting lately as I'm trying to wrap up a couple of projects that have been sitting on me hard drive too long. But that's gonna change here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. For now and on this special day I leave you with an old Vulcan wish, "Live long and prosper", my friends. And thank you Ozzie girl for the beautiful card I love it!

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Sat, 17 Mar 2012 13:51:00 GMT
Mid Week Been a busy week what with Brendan being home and such. But Sunday we celebrated the first anniversary of my grandson Lucas' arrival. Family and friends and all  his grandma's and grandpa's were there. Of course I took pictures, what else does a grandpa do on a first birthday! Lucas wasn't so much into it. I think the large crowd had him wandering, what the heck? Lauren decided no chocolate cake, not sure why, lol. I'll have to dig out pics of her first with the frosting spread all over her face. Of course this Saturday is St Paddy's day and will start with the parade at noon and then go down hill from there. If anyone out there would like to volunteer to drive a couple of partying Irishmen around we be forever grateful. Just found out my oldest grandson has been nominated for a Chase Youth award that will be presented to him tomorrow night at the Fox. Sounds like a photo op to me. Kinda short tonight cuz I have a meeting downtown in a few so til we chat again the "Best of the Rest" to all.

PS, thanks for the views and the kind words Ozzie Girl :)

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Thu, 15 Mar 2012 00:15:10 GMT
The Gala Last evening the Preservation Office held a photographers reception on behalf of the National Trust for Historic Preservation at the Kress Gallery. Thirteen talented Spokane fotogs displayed their favorite images from a project highlighting Spokane’s architecture and the city’s effort to preserve a proud history of magnificent buildings. I’m very proud to have played a small part in this effort.

The gala was extremely well attended, in fact it was totally overwhelming to see how many citizens turned up to view our displays. Right from the opening bell til after this were all over people were viewing the exhibits.

Josh Burdick assembled a time lapse video taken off many of the roof tops from which we’ve able to shoot. This show was so well received that they put it into a loop mode and ran it most of the night. The exhibit runs the month of March so please stop by and check it out.

[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Sun, 04 Mar 2012 04:44:02 GMT
Paddy's first blog Have never ventured into the world of blogging for one reason or another so bear with me as I expand me horizons.

Just hung seven images from our various Roof Rats shoots at the Kress Gallery in RiverPark Square. These seven are part of a 70 image collection captured by 13 of Spokane's finest photographers, done in conjunction with a project for the  National Trust for Historic Preservation and properly titled "This Place Matters: Photographic Perspective of Contemporary Spokane". The Spokane chapter will host the 2012 National Convention in October and  commissioned local photogs to shoot the city. We were given a list of buildings, parks, homes and areas that would tell the story of Spokanes past and link it to today's city life.

In the process a small group of us were granted access to the roof tops of many of the city's finest and oldest buildings, thus the formation of the Roof Rats. The Rats, headed up by John Moore, Cpp, had the opportunity to capture unique views of our fine city from a perspective not seen by the majority of it's residents. This winter we witnessed the city morphing from daylight to dark and were able to capture this amazing transition to share with all through our images. Which takes us back to the images now on display at the Kress Gallery. If you're in the area please stop by and have a gander. The exhibit runs for the  entire month of March.

Speaking of March its time for some of you to start getting your Irish on. And for the rest of us who have it on all year the day is only 384 hours away. Erin Go Bragh! This year's celebration is going to be epic. My son will be home on leave and it will be my grandson's first parade and Paddy's day! I'll be plying the parade route with me camera so be green and smile, you might end up on the website. If you'll not be wearin the green expect a big pinch on the arse from your's truly. However if you are wearing the colors and just want a pinch anyway I'll oblige any and all takers :).


[email protected] (Paddy Hoy Fotography) Thu, 01 Mar 2012 18:23:46 GMT