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Created 19-May-10

A trip to the Caribbean paradise called the Leeward Islands aboard the Monumental Dream, with good friends turned into a Big Wind, Big Water adventure. On this trip the Skipper, Gilligan and crew plied the seas from St Martins to Nevis. With stops at Ile Fourche, Estatia, St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Barts and Anse de Columbier.

We snorkeled in Whitehouse Bay, Shitten Bay and Ballast Bay, swam with the turtles and stingrays at Anse de Columbier. We sailed thru squalls and storms, seas higher than the Bimini and ran a beam reach on a 28 mile tack. We witnessed the finish of a double handed Trans Atlantic race from Concarneau France that cover 3800 miles. And we ate like we were on the Caribbean Princess.

All in all it was another blessed adventure in life's big pond, with old friends, new friends but all good friends and shipmates! Just be warned that among the many gorgeous images from this tropical paradise there is nudity...just sayin...its all male but just sayin :)

To read the ships log from the incredible journey of the Monumental Dream's Leeward Island cruze click here.
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