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Created 19-Feb-13
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Dr Hekil stopped but for some injections then was on his way, lol.

Retired with too much technology is a recipe for anything. Today was two light day and the Nexus 7 as a controller for the M3. Used old school st-e2 as trigger. Too much fun! And if you're following the blog, congrats. I'll tie it all together somewhere later in the season, lmao!

My old friend Colorado Slim stopped by hoping to get some shots to help revive his music career. Whaddya think? LOL!

Back at it mid week this time with 3 lights. Tried a silver shoot thru as kicker and meh? Moved to the 42" shoot thru. Still using the Apollo Mini. Added hair/rim and gelled it for a couple then went with the bare naked bulb, lol.

We were graced by a visit from former LPGS touring caddy Ben T Irons. Fresh off another first round disqualification Ben posed for a couple in case he needs a job! :) Thanks to my old friend Hennessey Purple-Green for dropping in. The old Saskatchewan Scooter himself hung around for a couple o'slap shots. And Jensen Polebreaker telemarked in to say howdy. He was on the way to the medical tent for undisclosed reasons. So stay tuned as the old guys cycle thru.
Wow great little snow menace today keep the studio hopping. Used the 40mm pancake today along with some unusual lighting, lol.
Enjoy ~ph
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