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A June trip to Costa Rica to play Pickleball turned into one of the best trips I've been on. Did I mention we had a bit of rain? Being a desert kid it was more rain than we see in 5 monsoons seasons. But the troops rallied on and off the courts as we saw the sights around this beautiful country and played a lot of pickleball and ate wonderful food everywhere we stopped, The Tilajari and Punta Leona buffets. We saw ox carts being built by hand with water power at Sarchi and the beautiful La Paz Waterfalls gardens, butterfly farms, coffee farms, and who could forget the Eden chocolate farm. The Paradise Spa and hot pools. And the picturesque Encantada Costa Rica at Esterillos. Anyway we met new friends and saw new sight and had a large time. Enjoy a few of the images captured on this tropical adventure.