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Created 18-Mar-15
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A Spring trip to the Land of the Rising Sun to visit Brendan and a revisit of a country last seen by moi in 1970. We drove the roads, paid the tolls, rode the rails, walked the trails, shopped the sidewalks and malls, dined on ramen to wegu, drank Guinness to Chu-hi's, visited temples and shrines, castles and aquariums and had a large time sharing and creating memories!

A huge thank you to my son Brendan for hosting me, answering my thousand questions and sharing his knowledge of this nation. And to Hils, who drove us from Yokosuka to Mt Fuji, my gratitude always. Love you kids.

With the camera around me neck the three of us did a whirlwind tour of the west end of the island. I tried to absorb as much of the culture as possible thru the lense of me X-T1. Enjoy a two week trip thru Japan, a land that could teach us a fair bit on living a life of the people. In the mean time here's the journal for Japan 2015. This discussion will continue on the blog very shortly.

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