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Created 19-May-14
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Chasing waterfalls, flowers and great mountains from Corbett to Hood River with some in between distractions. Hit a bunch of them from Latourell, Sheppards Dell, Horsetail, Ponytail, trips to Panorama Pt and Rowena we covered a nice peice of the gorge.

Took in Wahkeena and Wahclella, and Metlako to Elowah and a trip to Punch Bowl that require chest waiters for the brave. Only to discover a downed tree with a large branch right in the middle of the falls, lol! It was a terrific workshop, er...tripod therapy session, thanks Rod Barbee. Here's the blog about therapy. The faces have been blurred to protect the innocent.
Vista RisingLatourellSheppards DellHorsetailHazy HoodPanorama Pt PoppyBachelor ButtonPanorama WildPonytail Falls