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Got the privilege of following 14 Model T's thru the Salmon River Wilderness for a few days and it was a blast.

Heading north from Salmon the tour turned up the Salmon River Road from North Fork. A stop at the Shoup Store for photos then off they go to Panther Creek up and over Morgan Creek and on into Challis.

Day 2 the tour lit out on the Custer Motorway headed for the summit at Mill Creek then down thru a large burn area to Custer and past to the Yankee Fork Dredge. Then past Stanley and into Ketchum for the night

Day 3 started out wet and miserable as the T's headed for Trail Creek Pass. A bumpy windy narrow three mile climb to the summit in a snow rain mix taxed the groups resolve but all made it off the top.

At the gathering point near Earthquake Park and Mt Borah and command decision was made to head for Challis via the pavement and find warm food. Thus the conclusion of the 2016 Salmon River Wilderness tour. Thanks to all for a great experience.

Now grab a beverage, turn on some tunes, hit the Slideshow button and join us on the tour by watching the 12m30s short version! enjoy ~ ph
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