With me friend & co-pilot nomorejon we loaded the red Cherokee to the gills with kit and road necessities as we pointed east to go south, learned that from Cap'n Jack. Said farewell to 514 the base camp of the Hoy's for the past 62 years, and so long, really, so long, 65 years or so, to Spokane. Destination the Sonoran Desert.

12 hours on day one put us right on schedule and was made possible by team traveling, lol. It takes a lot to keep the journey comfortable and Cherri offered the ambiance necessary to make it effortless! Arriving Saturday afternoon as scheduled we pulled into the new digs on 152nd Dr. unlocked the door and it was Welcome Home sailor, lol. Alooooooha!! Then the traditional christening with a wee drop of the Irish, marking the arrival of the Hoy Clan to Goodyear!

Unpacking we made a Walmart run in under 2 parsecs and had air beds, alcohol, food, and enough grit to hang out til the van showed.

In the meantime we organized and unpacked a lifetime of accumulation paired down to 520 cu ft in an Allied Van. Quite the run for an Old Guy from the Upper Left. Suddenly i'm a citrus farmer plus a whole new subset flora, gonna be fun. Check out Life in the Desert for updates. Me Best to All ~ ph
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