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Created 1-Jul-09

The first INPA Photo Adventure took the team to Moab for some red rock shooting. We loaded up the Cruzer and headed for Utah at oh dark thirty. With stops in Arches and Canyonlands NP's and a sunset from Deadhorse State Park. Mosh, Jon Bo Baggins, TTDpi, & I sat off from Spokane on a 2300 mile journey to shoot the red rocks. In two days of shooting we put 300 miles on Blueberry and here are some of the images captured at the places we visited.

Its funny we had our cameras out from the time we left town until that last sunset. But the trip home was not chronicled for what every reason - go figure.

I-15 SunsetTTDpiJon Bo BagginsThe Crew on LocationBehind the WindowsPinnacleBehind the WindowsFiery FurnaceFinsMoshpitrockchickThe Temple of DoomHorsehoe Bend SunsetApproach to Horseshoe BendSunset from Deadhorse PointThru the leavesIn the DistanceShooting from the EdgeShooting from the EdgeTurret Arch SunriseWindows Watchers